A book box made just for Child of the Dragon Prophecy! All of the merch in one box at a lower price. 


(Shipping is $15)


Includes: one signed/personalized copy of COTDP, two bars of soap (Stephania and Eta Blood or Dalton Lefone), two bookmarks, two art prints (Stephania among stars, and Artigal&Stephania), two map prints (Ventronovia, and Trans-Falls) and two "May the suns smile upon your presece" wooden coasters!


Please select whether you want a hardback or paperback. (the paperback front/spine/back design has a solid color and the blurb while the hardback dust cover front/spine/back has one continuous art image and reviews, in adition to under the dust cover art, and an exclusive inside map of Trans-Falls)


If you chose to have your purchase personalized, please fill out the custom box with the details you would like written in the book. If not, just leave the box blank!


Book Box: Child of the Dragon Prophecy

  • A future foreseen. A past forgotten. 

    The savior child of the dragon prophecy is born. 

    Raised by Centaurs, then forsaken by humans, Stephania longs for a place to belong, but home keeps slipping away as fragmented memories. Those disturbing memories relentlessly haunt her, and the hometown where she has never felt welcome stands against her. 

    When Stephania seeks an escape, she unwittingly begins a journey of self-discovery, and her long forgotten memories, shape-shifting demons, a lyre surrounded by dangerous magic, and newfound lies emerge as threats that may break her or finally lead her to her true home. 

    Will Stephania be able to put aside her hate and pain to accept who she truly is, or will she let it drag her and all of Duvarharia to its doom?