Goat soap with two different scents inspired by Child of the Dragon Prophecy. 


Eta Blood (black pepper, sandalwood, allspice): After he kicked the body into the stream, the creature's identity became clear as a thick trail of black blood flowed into the current. Landen's eyes widened. "Etas."

{Smells very masculine, dark, and spicy}


Stephania (rose, sandalwood): A small child timidly slid of his back and hid behind his legs, slowly peeking to look out at the creatures before her. It was a small Duvarharian child with long, curly, red hair. No one could doubt it. It really was Stephania.
{Smells femenine but with a dark edge}


Goat soap is known for being gentle on sensitive skin, rich in vitamins and minerals, and naturally moisturizing. 


Our goat soaps are made with milk from our free-ranged goats, organic coconut oil, and are scented with essential oils.

Made by Crafted in Smoke: www.craftedinsmoke.com 

Eta Blood/Stephania Goat Soap

  • Ingredients: 

    Organic cocconut oil, lard, lye, goat milk, essential oils, natural soap dye, organic charcoal powder (for coloration in Eta Blood)