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Indie Author of

Child of the Dragon Prophecy, Book one in the epic fantasy series The Shadows of Light

Effie Joe Stock

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Welcome, fair traveler, to my cave of darkness.

Though many have passed me right by.

I hope you will stay long enough to wonder and ask me why,

I can live in such beautiful darkness and never be fearful of the night.

Welcome to Rasa, a world of magic, dragons, gods, and demons.

I hope if you stay long enough you will find magic of your own

Even enough to ignite all your hopes and dreams.

So welcome, welcome, and I pray we will become fast friends.

And together we can explore Rasa and all the darkness of the universe.

May the suns smile upon your presence.

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Welcome to Rasa!

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Releasing June 8th, 2021!

The savior is born. The world collapses in chaos. The end draws near. Stephania is forced to either choose to follow her fate, or let her hate and pain consume her.

Don't miss out on exciting updates for 'Child of the Dragon Prophecy,' Effie's first book!

 Child of the Dragon Prophecy


The Shadows of Light: Book One

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"The air was simply too soft to wonder too long about such strange things."

Effie Joe Stock

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