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Pre-Orders and Merch available
 here April 29th!

For Child of the Dragon Prophecy

Releasing June 8th

Ready to get your copy of Child of the Dragon Prophecy? Pre-orders start on April 29th!

I'm so excited to make my book available to the public finally. I also have a bunch of exciting merch from my own talents and from Crafted in Smoke. There's even going to be a book box in case you want ALL the merch AND a discount!

Don't miss out! Order your copy April 29th!



Releasing June 8th, 2021!

The savior is born. The world collapses in chaos. The end draws near. Stephania is forced to either choose to follow her fate, or let her hate and pain consume her.

Don't miss out on exciting updates for 'Child of the Dragon Prophecy,' Effie's first book!

 Child of the Dragon Prophecy


The Shadows of Light: Book One

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"The air was simply too soft to wonder too long about such strange things."

Effie Joe Stock

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