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Releases October, 20th, 2023
Pre-Orders Available Internationally
Bleached Reminders
A Mini Gothic Anthology About Bones, Magic, and Grief

Sacrifice Rock-a place of grief, of loneliness, of tearful goodbyes as a girl lays to rest her deceased pets. But in a forest as quiet and gentle as this, is she really alone after all? Is it truly a place of goodbyes?

Bleached Reminders-left behind after death, often hated, precious memories left for those to come.

The Soul-Filled Skulls of Epsie Rees-a witch born to a coven intolerant of the magicless. But she has a secret: she can see animal ghosts living in the skulls they once inhabited. But no one believes her. Will Epsie Rees find a way to prove to the coven that she is indeed a witch? Or will she and all her animal friends face certain doom?

A collection for lovers of both animals and bones, Bleached Reminders will leave you contemplating the finality of death while also comforted by the warm love of beloved animals.

Bleached Reminders Anthology Cover JPG.jpg
Cover Design by Effie Joe Stock
Released January 9th, 2023
Available Internationally
Child of the Dragon Prophecy
The Shadows of Light: Book One

A future foreseen. A past forgotten. 


The savior child of the Dragon Prophecy is born.


Adopted by Centaurs, then forsaken by humans, Stephania longs for a place to belong, but home keeps slipping away as fragmented memories. Those disturbing memories relentlessly haunt her, and the hometown where she has never felt welcome stands against her.


When Stephania seeks an escape, she unwittingly begins a journey of self-discovery, and her long thought forgotten memories, shape-shifting demons, a lyre surrounded by dangerous magic, and newfound lies emerge as threats that may break her or finally lead her to her true home.


Will Stephania be able to put aside her hate and pain to accept who she truly is? Or will she let it drag her and all of Duvarharia to its doom?

COTDP Front Paperback cover 2nd pub JPG.jpg
Cover Design by Effie Joe Stock
Released March 20th, 2023
Available Internationally
Heir of Two Kingdoms 
The Shadows of Light: Book Two

Two kingdoms threatened by war, one heir to lead them.


After arriving back in Trans-Falls, Stephania finally has a place to call home again, even if she doesn’t fully remember it yet. But just because she feels safe, doesn’t mean she is.


A connection forged with Ancient Magic was made the day Artigal saved her from Thaddeus—a connection that tied her mind to the traitor’s and has made each others memories their own.


With dangers lurking just behind the shadows, Stephania must deal with a new set of challenges including complicated relationships with her family, a dragon hatchling, the mysterious Shadow Cavern, new memories, and an impending war.


When she loses what is most important to her, will she continue to look back, wishing everything were different or will she have the courage to change the future?

Hotk paperback front OFFICIAL.png
Cover Design by Effie Joe Stock
Published/Available Now
Aphotic Love 
Anthology on the Depths of Romance
by Dragon Bone Publishing

Devoid of light. A depth beyond comprehension.

Everything that stands in the light
Also has a side that stands in the darkness.

Love is no exception.

Love is often depicted as light, joyful, fun, exciting, carefree ...
But there is also a darker side to love—a deeper, frightening, desperate, tragic side.
Dare to dive deep into this raw, emotional collection of short stories, prose, and poems which strives to expose the lightless side of tragedy, heartbreak, desperation, and love.

From the love of gods and goddesses to mortals who fell in love with death to the love forbidden between commoners. From pure sweet romance gone astray to villains who loved the hero.
An actress no longer acting she's in love, a phoenix whose lover gives everything to be with her reborn, a villain who burned the world so his love could be the hero, two immortals who give up everything to live and love, a lonely queen whose touch turns loved ones to ice, a romantic moment re-lived and lost in gold paint. Promises made and promises broken.

Some fall in love.
And some fall out.
After all, ... all's fair in aphotic love ...

Aphotic Cover2.png
Cover Design by H.A. Pruitt and Effie Joe Stock
Cover Reveal and Preorders on September 15th, 2023
Releases November 6th, 2023
Turklet, Squeaky, and the Seven Chicken Chicks
Love Overcomes All Differences
TS7CC cover front jpg.jpg

Turklet, the turkey, has always wanted a family of her own, but when she tries to hatch a nest of eggs, she is faced with many unforeseen difficulties including language barriers, adoption, racism, and prejudice against mixed/unconventional families. But with the help of Nic, the farm girl who raised her, and her dear friend Squeaky the duck, Turklet will discover that all of life's difficulties are not so daunting when dealt with patience and love.

Written and illustrated by Effie Joe Stock (the farm girl herself), and based on a true story, Turklet, Squeaky, and the Seven Chicken Chicks brings to light some of the hardships of families in a fun, gentle way that is sure to spark love and acceptance into the hearts of young and old readers alike.

In Editing
Son of the Prophet
The Shadows of Light : Book Three

Thaddeus and Thanatos—two Duvarharian brothers born in the greatest age Duvarharia has known since the Golden Years.


Everything seems perfect.

Their father, an affluent ambassador makes sure their every need or desire is taken care of. Their loving mother teaches them about her mysterious homeland and fills their home with love, good food, and enchanting magic. 

But the Dragon Prophecy, spoken only a hundred years earlier has begun to unravel and the stars are aligning in a deadly dance that none will be able to escape because Thaddeus and Thanatos were born to Quinlan, the great Dragon Prophet and one of them will bring the destruction of Duvarharia.

Bad blood churns deep in their veins, driving them to the depths of Susahu and the fulfillment of the prophecy. 

In First Draft
Ash Black & 
The Seven Wolves

Before Snow White was her sister, Ash Black—rightful heir to throne and mage of the night. 

Throughout her life, Ash has always known she was different. While her sister Snow White could call sweet animals like song birds, mice, and deer, Ash Black could only call frightening creatures like bats, wolves, and spiders. 

When the King dies from a mysterious hunting accident, Ash and her dark magic is blamed and she is cast from her kingdom the very night she was to be coronated. With nothing but her loyal wolf companion and a strange mirror that can peer into one's soul and expose secrets, Ash must learn the truth about her own and her sister's magic—a balance between light and darkness that was broken long ago. 

With time running out and the young king she loves facing betrayal and death, Ash must learn her own strength and how much she is willing to sacrifice for the things and people she loves. 

ash black mock cover.png
*working cover. not official*
In First Draft
Come Sit with Me* 
A Shadows of Light Companion Novel

Artigal. The white Centaur. The Igentis—leader of all Centaurs. A Centaur as old as the stars. Strong. Invincible. Wise. Powerful. Mysterious. Broken. 

Not much is known about the all-mighty Centaur leader; an exhausting number of years has wiped away the pieces of his history he hasn't locked away himself.

This is his story—a story of humble beginnings and a dream and love that spanned thousands of years and changed Ventronovia forever.


*Title subject to change*

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