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Releases June 8th 2021
Child of the Dragon Prophecy
The Shadows of Light: Book One

A future foreseen. A past forgotten. 


The savior child of the Dragon Prophecy is born.


Adopted by Centaurs, then forsaken by humans, Stephania longs for a place to belong, but home keeps slipping away as fragmented memories. Those disturbing memories relentlessly haunt her, and the hometown where she has never felt welcome stands against her.


When Stephania seeks an escape, she unwittingly begins a journey of self-discovery, and her long thought forgotten memories, shape-shifting demons, a lyre surrounded by dangerous magic, and newfound lies emerge as threats that may break her or finally lead her to her true home.


Will Stephania be able to put aside her hate and pain to accept who she truly is? Or will she let it drag her and all of Duvarharia to its doom?

Find out on June 8th, 2021!

Praise for

Child of the Dragon Prophecy


Brittany Eden


For Fans of The Interiance Cycle by Christopher Paolini, The Kinsman Chronicles by Jill Williamson, and The Ravenwood Saga by Morgan L. Busse, Child of the Dragon Prophecy is a young adult, epic novel. You'll find high fantasy at its finest with centaurs, spine-chilling prophecy, dragon lore, dancing stars, and deep mythological significance from the very first page. This world will draw you in with heart-wrenching characters you'll love, and keep you turning pages with high-stakes secrets and shape-shifting demons who track the magic of Stephania, a heroin who must discover her fate as savior of all the lands and start an even more important journey of finding her true home and who she is meant to be. 


Katie Marie


This book ya’ll, it’s incredible!! I am at a loss of words to describe it. It’s spellbinding, epic, heartbreaking, immersive, and so, so much more. Effie Joe Stock is a master at creating entire worlds, kingdoms, species, languages, and religions and not making it confusing at all.


The characters are all so different, likable yet flawed, and fleshed out. My favorite is definitely Trojan. He’s just the sweetest guy ever and is an adorable brother!! I really like Stephania and how she grows in this book. You see her as a child for a good part of the book, then she’s a grown teenager with a heavy dose of anger and insecurities, but that doesn’t block-out her kind heart. I also love Artigal! The kind, ancient centaur is so mysterious, with a hinted at tragic past that I can’t wait to learn more about.


The plot is so, so intriguing, with action, fighting demon like creatures, uncovering forgotten memories, learning about a prophecy and dragon-riders, and lots of magic. I highly recommend this book to all fantasy lovers! It will not disappoint!


Anne J. Hill


I can't wait for the second book to come out! The characters are fascinating and it is well written. Stock does an excellent job at evoking emotion and attaching you to the characters. The imagery is superb. I haven't personally read many books featuring Centaurs and was thrilled to see them here. It ends with you thirsting for more. Without giving too much away, I highly recommend reading Stock's debut novel!


Currently in third rewrite

Heir of  Two Kingdoms

Coming soon winter 2022

The Shadows of Light: Book Two

Stephania's journey to self discovery and the deliverance of the dragon riders continues as she travels across Ventronovia. A set of new challenges rise to face her, including complicated relationships, a dragon hatchling, a shared connection with Duvarharia's traitor, new memories, and an impending war. When she loses what is most important to her, will she continue to look behind her, wishing everything were different, or will she have the courage to change the future?

Marks the second book in The Shadows of Light series

In Development

Currently in plotting and first draft

'Come Sit with Me'

Companion Novel to The Shadows of Light

Artigal. The white Centaur. The Igentis—leader of all Centaurs. A Centaur as old as the stars. Strong. Invincible. Wise. Powerful. Mysterious. Broken. 

Not much is known about the all-mighty Centaur leader; an exhausting amount of years has wiped away the pieces of his history he hasn't locked away himself.

This is his story—a story of humble beginnings and a dream and love that spanned thousands of years and changed Ventronovia forever.

*Title subject to change*