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2021 Highlights

The new year has begun! In honor of 2021 which we now leave behind, I'm sharing a few of my writing highlights and personal highlights of 2021!

2021 was a huge year of growth for me. Looking back to my January self and then to December, is like looking at an entirely different person. It's as if my life was completely turned upside down in one year.

The amount of learning, changing, and maturing I went through was ... overwhelming to say the least.

My biggest 2021 highlight was definitely publishing Child of the Dragon Prophecy. After six long years of hard work, my dream of being an author had finally begun and a big open world of excitement and new possibilities opened to me.

I even got 600 kindle downloads and so 100 physical hardback and paperbacks of COTDP in just six months!!

However, as many incredible things happened in 2021, there were, of course, some really hard times.

I lost friends I had known for years and years with no chance of reconciliation and no way of knowing why I lost them.

I found that will the excitement of being an author, also comes a vast expanse of self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and the inflammation of my workaholism.

But now a new year begins and with grabbing onto 2022, I'm focusing not so much on what I'm looking forward to, but what I'm letting go of.

In my epic fantasy series, The Shadows of Light, Pure Magic cannot create until the Corrupt Magic has destroyed something to make room for the new creation. The same goes for my own life.

I have to let go of the old things I've outgrown or don't benefit from anymore to make room for what God has in store for me.

Letting go of past relationships and hurts, letting go of self-doubt, letting go of anxiety, letting go of a lack of trust in God, letting go of disappointments and mistakes.

It's time to make room for new life.

So, goodbye 2021. You've were an amazing year of growth and gained wisdom for me and you taught me what it means to truly live each and every day to the fullest!


May the suns smile upon your presence and may your new year be full of letting go and making room for new blessings!

—Effie Joe Stock

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2 commenti

26 apr 2022

I do earnestly pray God blesses and leads you

Mi piace
28 apr 2022
Risposta a

Thank you so so much. I always hope and pray the same for you

Mi piace
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