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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal Details!

The season of giving and buying is upon us which also means snagging great products at great prices.

Of course Child of the Dragon Prophecy is no exception!

So where can you get COTDP on sale?

Starting November 22nd, my entire online shop is 15-50% off!

That includes all signed and personalized paperbacks and special edition hardbacks and all of the bookmarks, map prints, art prints, and coasters and soap!

(Ships to USA and Canada)

Starting November 22nd and going on through November 30th you can use the coupon code BLACKDRAGON to get $2.50 off the paperback of COTDP!

(Ships Internationally!)

Starting November 29th through December 5th you can get the ebook of COTDP at only .99!

Every 2 days until the end of the sale, the price will rise a dollar so make sure you order quickly!

Learn More About Child of the Dragon Prophecy here!


Join the fandom, Welcome to Rasa!


Stay tuned for more discounts and deals in December and also some new merch I'll be dropping soon!

Happy thanksgiving and may the suns smile upon your presence

—Effie Joe Stock

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