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Heir of Argos (Collab Contest Entry Part 1)

A few months ago I decided to join a collaboration contest hosted by @tothemoonyandback, @crossed.starss and @writersteacup on Instagram.

I was given a team to work with (which unfortunately slowly stopped helping as the months went by) and we quickly got to work!

I was really proud of what we came up with and wanted to share it with everyone! I'm also hoping to use this story idea, aesthetic, and the scenes I wrote and created to eventually write a full book for this idea. I got much too attached to the story line, world, and characters to simply let it go now that the contest is over and, truthfully, I want to do it full justice.

Sort of Spoiler! My team (team 7) tied with team 15 for First Place!!


The first task was to chose one of the aesthetic prompts the hosts provided and write our story's blurb from it, and name our team accordingly.

We decided on Prompt 6 and brainstormed ideas, ending up with a Greek Mythology retelling of sorts.

Here's the blurb we came up with!

Heir of Argos. Blessed by Hera.

Once, Daphne had it all. She was daughter of the king of Argos and next in line to its throne. Then her entire world came crashing down on her when her father was suddenly pronounced dead and through a coup was usurped by her stepmother’s illegitimate child.

Cast out of her beloved kingdom and empowered with vengeance for her throne, Daphne calls out to Argos’ matron goddess—Hera. Daphne’s plea is heard, and Hera promises her blessing if Daphne can complete a dangerous quest.

To prove her claim to the throne, Daphne must travel over the vast sea to the Garden of Hesperides in the far west of the known world to retrieve one of Hera’s golden apples. With the help of a unassuming old woman who seems to harbor more secrets than wrinkles, Daphne sets off on her quest, determined to come back victorious. Assaulted by harpies and sirens, a minotaur chained by an unfair curse, and a sullen but wise dragon, Daphne learns the meaning of being a true heroine along with the price of power.


Another challenge was making an aesthetic board or mood board. The only rule for this one was to not include any words. I have a hard time just picking a couple pictures for mood boards so I decided we could do a Pinterest board instead. With a couple photo suggestions from my team, I set to work and created the Heir of Argos board.

Click HERE to see it!

And we were also challenged to make a cover and I designed this …


Part 2 and Part 3 of this short blog series will reveal what I am most proud of in this contest, the Character Scene entry and the Climax Scene entry!

Thanks for reading

—Effie Joe Stock

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