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Stephania Lavoisier—Character Interview—Child of the Dragon Prophecy

Effie. Hey everyone! I’m so excited to be introducing Stephania Lavoisier to you today. How are you feeling, Stephania?

Stephania. Um a little bit nervous actually. I don’t think I’ve ever had someone interested in me enough to ask so many questions.

E. Well it’ll be fun! I had to poke and prod a bit to get some questions but I ended up getting quite a few.

S. *grumbles darkly* I don’t blame anyone. I wouldn’t ask questions about me either.

E. Okay, right. Let’s get started.

E. First off, @whispers_ofa_reader wants to know your favorite song to sing?

S. *smiles a bit and relaxes* That would be easily the lullaby Uncle Dalton always used to sing to me … when I had nightmares *her eyes gaze out into the distant and a slight frown tugs her lips*

E. *smiles sadly* How sweet. @author.katiemarie wants to know where’s your happy place?

S. *thinks for a moment* New-Fars was full of unhappy places but now that I think about it, I enjoyed parts of it more than I would have thought. I always loved Nemeth’s house and watching the sunsets from her porch. And the waterfall in the Cursed Forest was nice. Until all those snakes and the Lyre. *chuckles nervously* and of course I always loved our arena.

E. Speaking of the Lyre, asked “Would you rather play an instrument well or sing well? Or can you do both?”

S. *laughs and blushes* I would much rather do both. I think I can only play instruments well, but Uncle Dalton says I sing like a goddess. I think he’s just biased.

E. Maybe so! But I think you do too.

S. *mutters something under her breath*

E. So you like music, but @rosies_bookshelf wants to know what other hobbies you have?

S. Pretty much anything I can do outside alone. Riding my horse, swimming, reading, archery, oh and cooking. Well, I say cooking but I’m wretched at it. Even Uncle Dalton agrees with that.

E. *tries to hide humor* maybe he’s not so biased after all.

S. maybe not *her dimples show as she laughs*.

E. @storybookreveries wants to know your favorite color?

S. *a frown creases her forehead* that’s actually an ridiculously hard question to answer. I would say red is my favorite color because that’s the brightest, loudest color in a sunset, but my hair is also red … *her voice trails off*

E. Speaking of your hair, @anne.j.hill.editing wants to know how you feel about it being red?

S. I hate it. *crosses her arms and gives a death glare*

E. *suddenly becomes very interested with my notes* right. Of course.

S. But … *frowns* after I learned I am a Dragon Rider and that it’s a trait of my Duvarharian heritage, I’m not so sure I hate it as much. I was always a freak to begin with, but now I can embrace it. It’s still ties me to that Prophecy though so I don’t fully appreciate it.

E. Fair enough. You mentioned being a freak. @laurendfulter_author wants to know why you were bullied?

S. *sighs deeply* Mostly because I look so different. *hand strays to her hair* my hair and eyes are red for one, and my teeth are sharper. *smirks to show off her sparkling, pointed teeth* That throws people off, at least, just the humans anyways. *chuckles humorlessly* And I was always different from them. Quieter, I suppose. Uncle Dalton said I was smarter too, which I guess they found threatening. They called me demon child or spellweaver. Later, when I found out I’m Duvarharian, I learned that they hated me for much deeper reasons, reasons they themselves couldn’t even begin to explain. *face darkens* but I don’t want to talk about it.

E. That’s completely fine. @laurendfulter_author also wants to know how old you are.

S. Seventeen, but counting the months since we left New-Fars, I turn eighteen in about a month.

E. Speaking of birthdays, @naomikingauthor wants to know if you were given the chance to change your birthday to any day, what would it be?

S. Anytime before the Prophecy 900 years ago. Preferably around 100 Q.J.R.M. in the golden age of Duvarharia when I wouldn’t have to worry about my destiny, a murderous traitor, and loosing my parents. And I would’ve been able to bond with a dragon.

E. @anna_augustine_author wants to know what your favorite thing about dragons is?

S. That they exist! I’ve spent most of my life thinking they were just myth. But now that I know they’re real … *stares off dreamily*

E. @paper_trail_adventures and @author.katiemarie want to know what your hopes and dreams are?

S. *frowns and thinks for a moment* I’m not sure. Before, I always just wanted to be accepted and fit in, or just move far, far away from anyone who had done me wrong. Right now, I just want to get to Duvarharia. But in doing so, I’ll have resigned my life over to fulfilling the Prophecy which I’m not sure I really want to do. It’s too stressful to think that far ahead right now.

E. Okay so @treesbooks wants to know what kind of music you would listen to if you lived on modern day earth?

S. *plays with her hair and looks expectantly*

E. Right *adjusts glasses and shuffles through notes* well, um. I’m not fully sure. But probably angsty love songs, classical, maybe a touch of classic rock or modern pop.

S. Sounds about right.

E. @hapruitt wants to know if you prefer the bow or sword.

S. I prefer the bow but Uncle Dalton insists I practice more with the sword since it’s a lot harder to fight with a bow on a dragon.

E. What do you do when you need to relax? @bookwyrm440 wants to know.

S. Usually read out by a tree or play my lyre and sing.

E. @storybookreveries asked, “if you were a flower, what kind do you think you’d be?” and "would you prefer the beach or the mountains?"

S. I haven’t been to the beach. Yet. But I still think I’d like the mountains more. As for the flower. *smirks* probably a Venus Fly Trap. Or those vicious strangling vines in the Lota Woods.

E. Seriously? *rolls eyes* first off, neither of those are flowers. Secondly, I don’t think you’re that tough.

S. Says who?

E. *clears throat* oh no one Important just … the author.

S. *scowls challengingly. Sighs.* okay fine.

E. That kind of brings us to our next question. What do you think your biggest weakness is? @samsbookreviews_ is asking.

S. *sinks into chair and mutters*

E. What’s that?

S. *twirls hair around finger* probably how much I care and my obsessive need to hide it.

E. Yeah I think you’re probably right. *tries to hide smile* Okay we’re almost done! How are you feeling about the interview so far?

S. *shrugs to try and cover her blush* I’m liking it actually. It’s nice to finally have people interested in me and want to know more about me.

E. I’m sure it is! Okay this is kind of a big question. @an_inhibited_author wants to know “If you were put in danger, would you a) sacrifice a “questionable” person or b) sacrifice yourself?

S. *frowns deeply* I don’t know … a few months ago I would’ve sacrificed anyone of those wretched humans without hesitation, but after what happened in the market that day … *fists tighten and tears surface*

E. You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.

S. I’d rather not. *tries to hide tears*

E. @naomikingauthor asked, “Who do you look up to most?”

S. Um … I’m not entirely sure. Maybe Uncle Dalton, but also Nemeth. *face darkens* But if I could remember, maybe my Centaur brother.

E. Aw that’s so sweet! And that brings us to our final question. @gcannison wants to know what your best memory is?

S. *scowls* How can I have a best memory when my memory was take—

E. *clamps hand over her mouth laughing nervously* haha well this has been fun! But we don’t want to spoil anything do we? Nope! *starts pushing her out the door against her protests* Thanks for tuning into this interview with Stephania. If you want to know more, Child of the Dragon Prophecy releases June 8th! May the suns smile upon your presence!


Child of the Dragon Prophecy

A future foreseen. A past forgotten.

The savior child of the Dragon Prophecy is born.

Adopted by Centaurs, then forsaken by humans, Stephania longs for a place to belong, but home keeps slipping away as fragmented memories. Those disturbing memories relentlessly haunt her, and the hometown where she has never felt welcome stands against her.

When Stephania seeks an escape, she unwittingly begins a journey of self-discovery, and her long thought forgotten memories, shape-shifting demons, a lyre surrounded by dangerous magic, and newfound lies emerge as threats that may break her or finally lead her to her true home.

Will Stephania be able to put aside her hate and pain to accept who she truly is? Or will she let it drag her and all of Duvarharia to its doom?


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Ohmygoodness I absolutely love this!!! Now I wanna do one...

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Guuurrrrl you should!! It was so much fun! 😍 and thank you! Im glad u enjoyed it 😁

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