Who You Could Have Been

A short story based off the quote:

"How dangerous it is
To love a person
Not for who they are
But for
Who they could be."
—The Random Stories

Music to listen to while reading:

Romeo and Juliet (Dire Straits)

Take On Me - 2017 Acoustic (a-ha)

1,000 Years (Liza Anne)

slumber (Lewis Watson, Lucy Rose)


Fingers that trail effortlessly across strings, across keys, memorizing each note even though you’ve only just begun. The music springs from your soul. You see it in the way the grass moves under the summer breeze, you feel it when you canter down the stairs. It presses against you in the darkness of the night and settles in your soul like the dew of morning. When you find the time to sit at the bench, fingers trailing keys, or to hold the wood between your hands, swaying in a patch of light as fingers trail strings, it comes easily. You let go and it springs forth like a fountain.

Arms that wrap around another, holding them close, simply listening, understanding, living only in the life of the person who you hold. Your mind is clear as you nod and smile, tears glistening in your eyes because yes, you’ve felt that way too. You know what that pain is like. But even more, you know the light will come. And you tell them this, assure them this, that the morning will dawn again, and they will have a new beginning. And when they need a tissue, you’ve already got one in hand, pushing a glass of water to them, whispering to stay hydrated, to blow their nose. You wrap a blanket around them, along with your warm arms. You feel, and you let their sorrow cling to your heart as your joy to clings to theirs.

Smiles that shine brighter than the sun. You glow in the golden hour of the sun, that moment of magnetic honey as the light hangs just over the treetops and everything, everything is honey and gold and warm. “Stand there. Touch your face like this,” you say, praising the way the light hits my brown curls. “Like warm embers, burning with love in the heart of a thousand lovers.” You have such a way with words. I don’t believe your descriptions until I am on the other side of the lenses, staring at the image of me you took. It doesn’t look like me. It’s something…wholly other. So much more beautiful. “It’s the way I see you,” you say. And you smile again, and I wish I could capture the way I see you. Because the sun has hit your eyes and I’m melting in their dark waves, seeing the flashes of magnetic honey that hang there. But I haven’t the way with the camera like you do. The moment is lost. The sun has set. You don’t see yourself the way I see you.

Because I only saw the way you should have been.

But now I can’t see you at all. I only see what’s left—a few etches in cold stone. It’s quiet here. Nothing close to what it was like. What it should have been...if only…

A tear rolls down my cheek as I kneel in the still fresh dirt. A small flower has sprung up next to the still monument that bears your name. You have something to say about this flower, springing up with color, with joy in a place so forlorn, so full of sorrow.

But I can’t hear you.

Because a darkness had always clouded your music, stopped it from springing from your lips and fingers. You were bursting to create but slowly it grew too much to bear and rotted inside of you, unable to escape, to be free. The sorrow that lived in your heart was too great to look past. You saw others hurting, wanted to reach to them, but the only body your arms ever held was your own as you rocked back and forth, unable to stop the shaking, or the tears that burned your eyes.

My words were not enough. My pictures were not enough. You could never see what I saw in you. What I knew you were meant to be. No lens could capture it. No words could make you understand.

We had so many plans. “Let’s go see this. Let’s go there. Let’s do that,” I would say. “Yes,” you would answer, “but not today. Maybe…another day.” And I would nod. “Another day,” I repeated and onto it, I held as a promise.

But I knew. I knew your darkness was too strong to bury the light. But I had hoped…against all, I had hoped…

If only someone had told me how dangerous it is to love someone, not for who they are, but who you know they could be.

If only you could’ve seen the soul I saw hidden in you. If only you had known that the person you killed when you pulled the trigger wasn’t only who you were—the version of you that you hated—but also everything you could’ve been…should’ve been—the version of you that I loved.

And now I am left. Wondering what it is that we could’ve been, and who I am left now to be…alone.


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May the suns smile upon your presence...

—Effie Joe Stock

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