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This is the final payment and finished contract product page. You will only need to purchase this if you have already started a contract with me and have reached the end of the first finished product. All changes you find you want down on your map AFTER you have paid for this will cost an aditional $5 PER CHANGE. Please be absoutely sure you don't have any more changes to make before proceeding with this purchase. 


After purchasing you will be able to download a pdf stating that you and the artist both agree that a final product has been reached, that the contract between you is finished, and that there will be an extra fee for any changes made later. Please print the pdf and sign your name in the approperiate blank and then send a picture of the signed document to me via Instagram @e.j.stock.arts or You will not get your map(s) if you do not sign this pdf and send me proof that you did so. 


Once you have sent me proof that you signed the contract, please also send your email address. That is the email I will use to send you the finished files of your map(s) after you have proved you signed this final agreement. 


Thank you for working with me! I hope you enjoy your map, remmeber to shout me out as the artist and if you have any questions do not hesistate to ask me.


If you are interested in having a map made, please reach out via my contact page, email ( ) or Instagram @e.j.stock.arts

Fantasy Cartography Service (final step)

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