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Book Launch Team Information for Child of the Dragon Prophecy

Does Centaurs, magic, and lost memories intrigue you?

Do you want to support a young Indie author?

Then join my launch team for Child of the Dragon Prophecy!

What is a Book Launch Team?

The months leading up to a book's release can make or break its success, and that success depends largely on a launch team. But what exactly do they do?

A launch team is a group of people dedicated to spreading the word about an author's book and its release. This includes everything from ARC reads, (more on that below) cover reveals, pre-order, and postings.

It is the launch team's job to make sure the book and its announcements get good publicity. Anyone with some kind of social reach can be on a launch team. That includes social media accounts like Instagram or Facebook, YouTube, magazines or newspapers, or blogs.

Being on a launch team is usually very easy! The author generally comes up with the graphics and writes out all the necessary information in formats that the team members can use. All the team has to do is post about it and spread the word! However, there are other ways individuals can support the author such as interviews, or detailed book reviews, but these are usually preference and aren't mandatory.

What will Child of the Dragon Prophecy's book launch look like?

Once you join my launch team, either by filling out the form on my website here, or by following the steps outline on my Instagram post here, you will be added to an email list. Email will be the primary way you will receive the graphics, ARCs, and news updates for the upcoming events, so please make sure that you check your spam or junk folders so you don't miss it.

There will be two major events for COTDP's launch—the cover reveal and release day. These are the only two days you will be expected to post officially. Any other information will be optional, though it will be appreciated if you at least share the posts or information I release.

Cover Reveal day is April 29th

Release day is June 8th

Other special events or information that will come up includes Pre-order availability, pre-order merchandise, and a book trailer. Again, it won't be mandatory that you post specifically about these other events but it would be appreciated if you would at least share the information using your platforms.

What is an ARC?

ARC stands for Advanced Reader Copy. This is a (free) digital copy of the book sent to readers before the book's official release. It is the ARC reader's job to read and review the book before release day. This not only creates more hype about the book but it also gives other potential readers and idea if they want to read the book or not! (Keep in mind that most ARCs are not the exact copy readers will purchase after release day or during pre-orders. Some ARCs are sent out before the last proof-edit)

Reviews should be posted primarily on Goodreads but also anywhere COTDP will be listed like Barnes and Noble or Amazon. Reviews can also be sent to with "COTDP Review" in the subject line for posting on my website.

ARCs for Launch Team members will be sent out in the first two weeks of April.

Can you get an ARC of COTDP without joining the launch team?

Yes! You can still ARC read without being on my team. However sign-up for ARC readers outside of the team won't open until mid-late April.

For those of you with blogs and YouTube channels …

I will be scheduling a blog tour and a YouTube tour if there are enough participants. If you have a blog or YT channel and would like to give a detailed review of COTDP after reading the ARC, message me on my Instagram page @effie.joe.stock.books or email me at to be added to the schedule.

This schedule will allow me to pace out the coverage COTDP gets while also letting me give each and every blog post and video the attention and publicity it deserves!

Thank you for considering this extra step!

This is a very exciting time!

I'm so thrilled that you have considered joining my book launch team for Child of the Dragon Prophecy. I'm working hard to make sure that being a part of my launch team is not only super easy but also fun!

All your support means the world to me and I hope you join me in this crazy, beautiful journey!

May the suns smile upon your presence,

-Effie Joe Stock


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