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Exciting Publishing Announcement! (Join my street team!)

I'm so excited to announce that Child of the Dragon Prophecy will be republished, and Heir of Two Kingdoms will be published by Dragon Bone Publishing, my new publishing company and label!

Ever since I started writing at eleven years old, I always dreamed of being published. I brought that dream to life for the first time on June 8th, 2021, and then again April 29th, 2022. Once again, I'll be bringing that dream to life with the publication of the second book in my series, Heir of Two Kingdoms, but for the first time ever, I'll fulfil another dream of mine.

To be published under a publishing company and label!

As against traditionally publishing as I am (for my own books. I think it's a great way for some authors to be published if it works for them!), I absolutely love the professionalism of a publishing company and label.

When I first published Child of the Dragon Prophecy a little over a year ago, I realized how much I loved not just writing and being published, but how much I loved the publishing process. Part of that love for publishing lead me to publish Aphotic Love and launch my very own publishing company and label.

One of the new merch items available soon
Dragon Bone Publishing Hoodie

Thus, Dragon Bone Publishing featuring passion infused literature and publishing for all ages was born

Dragon Bone Publishing is dedicated to providing passion driven works of literature that change the way we think and see the world. If you want to learn more about our mission, check out our website here!


What does this mean for Child of the Dragon Prophecy?

My beloved debut novel is going through a radical facelift. It has a new cover design for both paperback and hardback (which I'm absolutely DYING to release to you!) a once exclusive map of Trans-Falls has been added, along with an all-new epilogue!

It also means I'm going to need a street team!

Ever want to be behind the scenes of a book's release? Now you can!

Simply click on the link above to learn more and join The Shadows of Light Street Team to gain exclusive access to early content and discounts!


Publication status:

So far, I already have COTDP's new cover designed and HOTK's cover. I also have an incredible piece of art for HOTK'S under the dust cover design and will be getting one for COTDP as well!

It's been a lot of work getting COTDP formatted while also editing HOTK but it's been a challenge I've tackled with vigor. I'm supposed to be getting HOTK back from @hapruitt within the next week and hopefully by then COTDP's new proof copy will be on its way!!

Now if I could just find time to eat and sleep...


May the suns smile upon your presence!

—Effie Joe Stock

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