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Free! Book Release Tour

Looking to support a young, indie author and wanting to read a debut Christian novel? Look no further!

Tomorrow is the release day for Careena Campbell’s sea faring adventure, Free: book one in Hope on the High Seas.

Free takes place in the wild, adventures time of sailing, pirates, and new worlds. Focusing on the hidden heroes of the time—cargo ship crews—Careena pulls us into a story of danger and faith. With strong themes like trust in God, obedience to authority, wanting to belong, and found family, this book is sure to grab interest and teach a bit of morals along the way.


Free follows the young woman, Ruth, as she follows God’s calling in her life. Struggling with loneliness and wanting to belong somewhere, Ruth tries to keep her eyes on God but is shocked when she finds herself an accidental stowaway on a cargo ship far out at sea.

Up against a crew of rough, (and stinky!) crewmen, Ruth is forced to cook and clean for them while also putting up with their mockery and abuse. Despite the struggles, and her sinking heart of ever being let free, she keeps her mind focused on God and tries to find the good in everything, even the rough sailors.

Slowly, her kindness and her faith in God begins to touch the sailor’s hearts.

Facing deadly storms, an unexplained illness, and rations which are depleting rapidly, the crew must decided whether to rely on their own human abilities to survive or turn to the God that Ruth so happily serves.

Will Ruth ever find a place to belong? Will she discover why God put her on this rough cargo ship?

Find out tomorrow with Free’s release!


I don’t usually read many Christian books, but have meddled in the genre my fair bit, though many of the books I’ve read in said genre were extremely deep, spiritual, and heart wrenching. In that sense, Free turned out to be a refreshing read! In a world where many of our literature strives to be the most graphic, or the most promiscuous, (even in settings where morals are favored) Careena strives harder to bring something entirely different to the table.

Because of the type of Christian novels I’ve read previously, I was a little thrown off when I started reading Free. I expected it to be a little more deep, or gritty than it was, but the gentleness of the story and the main character with her simple, pure faith grew on me.

Filled with familiar hymns, scripture passages, and a strong, sweet, heroine, this is an excellent book for young readers or children who are looking for a fun, sea-faring adventure, while also teaching them obedience to God and authority, and some lesser and well-known scriptures.

It is a light, easy read that I would recommend to young adults who want something full of hope, or to parents who are looking for something clean and inspiring for their young ones to read.


Free releases tomorrow on March 10th!

Be sure to support Careena, a young, indie author, in her journey to touch her hearts with her writing by pre-ordering Free or adding it to your list on Goodreads!

Remember, the best way to support new, and indie authors is to review their book on Goodreads, Amazon, or giving them a shoutout on social media! Every review, share, or comment will brighten that author’s day and make all their hard work worth it.

Follow Careena’s progress or connect with her at her website, The Anchored Writer, or follow her on Instagram.


May the suns smile upon your presence!


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