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HOTK Is Now Open to Beta Readers!

Did you finish Child of the Dragon Prophecy and were left yearning for more? Or perhaps you want to offer help in my writing and publication process. Whatever your reason is, if you're reading this article, then you're probably interested in reading Heir of Two Kingdoms.

Well you're in luck because Heir of Two Kingdoms, the second book in The Shadows of Light is now ready for beta readers!

With the cliffhanger COTDP ended on, it was no surprise all the messages I got from my readers begging me for more! Thankfully for them HOTK was already written and only needed another rewrite to be ready for reading!

If you want to know what beta reading is, check out my post on What is Beta Reading?

If you already know you want to beta read, you can sign up here! The only requirements to beta read HOTK is that you've read COTDP, agree to my Non-Disclosure Agreement, and are a member on my website. Becoming a member is completely free and easy (you can use your google account!) and it gives you access to other cool fandom perks like exclusive maps and character quizzes!


What to expect when Beta Reading HOTK

Once you fill out the sign up form, you will receive an email with a PDF of Part 1 and a link to the questions for Part 1, along with a few more detailed instructions. As soon as you finish reading Part 1 and answer the questions, I will send Part 2 with its corresponding questions. HOTK has 4 Parts total and there will be one last questionnaire after you finish the whole book.

The questions are super simple and pertain to your simple thoughts and feelings as you read HOTK such as your favorite characters, if you noticed any plot holes, didn't understand something, or whether or not you enjoyed it.

If you're worried about the questions, you can sneak peek what Part 1's questions are here!


Need to read Child of the Dragon Prophecy first?

Then you're in luck! For a limited time only (as long as HOTK is open to beta reading) I will be selling the PDF ebook of COTDP on my website. You can purchase it here.

Buying this ebook does not mean that you HAVE to beta read HOTK! It's simply an excellent opportunity for you to snatch it up at a ridiculously low price (and to make it a little easier on you in case you do want to beta read!)


Enough said!

I am so excited to bring this book to you, even in beta form! It's gonna be a whopper of a book.

You can expect more Centaurs, new friendships, adorable scenes between Trojan and Stephania, found memories, and a shared connection between Stephania and the traitor Thaddeus.

I already have a few beta readers starting and they are loving it.

So what are you waiting for?

Grab your copy of COTDP and sign up to beta read HOTK today!


May the suns smile upon your presence

—Effie Joe Stock

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Sep 01, 2021

so exited to get HOTK😆

Sep 01, 2021
Replying to

I cant wait!!

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